MINAFAB Characterization equipments

Nova™ NanoSEM 630

Technical characteristics:

The FEI Nova NanoSEM 630 is a  high-quality nanoscale research tools for a variety of applications that involve sample characterization, analysis, prototyping, and S/TEM sample preparation. It features a superior low voltage resolution and high surface sensitivity imaging in the range of  Ultra high Resolution Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopes (UhR FE-SEM).

The Nova NanoSEM 630 presents also  low-vacuum imaging capabilities for spectacular nanoscale characterization on charging and/or contaminating nanotech materials.

The Nova NanoSEM 630 also offers the most extensive set of tools for nanoprototyping, including an on-board digital pattern generator and dedicated patterning software, a high speed electrostatic beam blanker, gas injection systems for direct electron beam writing of nanostructures and its high stability 150 mm piezo stage.


Basic hardware features:

  • Ultra-high resolution characterization at high and low voltage in high vacuum: 1.6 nm @ 1 kV;
  • Beam deceleration mode with sub-100 V and high surface sensitivity imaging;
  • Low and very low kV backscattered electron imaging for compositional characterization in high and low vacuum;
  • Novel high stability Schottky field emission gun enabling a beam current up to 100 nA for analysis;
  • 150 x 150 mm high precision and stability piezo stage;
  • True high resolution low vacuum FESEM, with a resolution of 1.8 nm @ 3 kV;
  • The ultimate characterization solution for charging and/or contaminating nano-materials or –devices;
  • Full prototyping solution with on-board 4 k x 4 k digital pattern generator, dedicated patterning software, fast beam blanker and gas chemistries;


On a variety of challenging nanotechnology materials such as metals, magnetic materials, nano-particles and powders, nano-tubes and -wires, porous materials (e.g. silicon), plastic Electronics, glass substrates, organic materials, diamond films, cross-sections etc
  • Materials Qualification 
  • Materials & Sample Preparation 
  • Nanoprototyping 
  • Nanometrology 
  • Device Testing and Characterization 
  • Macro Sample to Nanometer Metrology 
  • Particle Detection and Characterization 
  • Sample preparation
  • Circuit Edit (lab)
  • Defect analysis (near fab/lab)
  • Failure analysis (near fab/lab)
  • Materials Qualification´┐Ż

The structure of an composite material  used in aeronautics- sample from INFN Italy
  • Nanoprototyping´┐Ż

Detail of a SAW structure patterned by e-beam lithography.


  • Nanometrology

Detail of MRS 4.1-calibration standard used in nanometrology.

  • Particle Detection and Characterization


Micro and nanospheres produced in the process of CNTs growth.

  • Sample preparation


Porous silicon covered with gold nanoparticles by sputtering.      
 Porous alumina membrane covered with Ni catalyst used as template for CNTs growth



 CATHERINE- Carbon nAnotube Technology for High-speed nExt-geneRation nano-InterconNEcts, STREP, FP7-ICT, 2008-2011

Application scientist: Phys. Adrian Dinescu, [email protected]



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Last update: March 5, 2012