MINAFAB Characterization equipments

FTIR Spectrometer Tensor 27, Bruker Opticks IMT-MINAFAB

Technical characteristics:

Source for MIR: Laser de HeNe, Beamsplitter: KBr, Interferometer: RockSolidTM, Permanent aligned, high stability,Sample Holder: Transmission Units,  Reflection Units (ATR Monoreflection: ZnSe –crystal, ATR Multiple reflection (25) at 3 angle reflection (30°, 40° and 60°)-KRS 5-crystal), Liquide cell with ZnSe, quartz and KBr windows, Detector:  DigiTectTM detector system, Software OPUS: automatic system for processing of dates and manual hydraulic press for KBr technology. Spectral Range: 4000-400 cm-1, Resolution: 0,5 cm-1; Wavenumber Accuracy: 0.01 cm-1, Scan Speed: 3 velocities, 2.2 - 20 kHz (1.4 - 12.7 mm/sec opd).

Fields of utilization:

The FTIR spectrometry can be used to study the chemical process and the chemical structure of the compounds for: liquid, solid – film, powder, waxes, gels, pastes, etc.


Study of raw materials used in technological processes Study of the process for manufacturing of the yttrium aluminum garnet doped with cerium


Study of the ZnO nanopowders and ZnO-PVA nanocomposite films Study of the process for obtaining the titanium dioxide films, deposited on the silicon substrate (Heat treatment step)


Study of the Porous Silicon Study of the self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) on difrent substrates (silicon and polymer) for E-coli detection


  • Miniaturised power source for portable electronics realised by 3D assembling of complex hybrid micro- and nanosystems (MiNaSEP)
  • Wood- polymer composite with components of nastructured materials and nanosensors for improvement of indoor environment (NANOPROTECT);
  • Advanced Nanocomposites materials used in civil constructions with antibacterial, selfcleaning properties and solar energy concentrators integrated structures for ambiental improvement (NANOAMBIENT);
  • Miniaturized immunosensor arrays technology, for herbicide detection - IMUNOSENSEctia ierbicidelor, IMUNOSENSE.

Application scientist: chem. Vasilica Schiopu, [email protected]



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Last update: February 27, 2011