MINAFAB Processiong equipments

Thermal processing furnaces


LINDBERG thermal processing furnaces: Oxidation, diffusion and thermal treatments at high temperatures and at atmospherically pressure it will be executed in “diffusion furnaces” LINDBERG type. Maximum dimension of the substrate: 4 inch.

Technical characteristics:

- Temperature range: 350±1250 C; Temperature control: termocuples; Diffusion processes ;




  • Deposition processes from liquid source POCl3;
  • Deposition processes from solid source BN, B+, P+;
  • Dry oxidation;
  • Wet oxidation(oxidation using the bubbling system of the water);
  • Annealing processes on  N2;
  • Alignment/sinterizing processes(formation gas 3%H2);
  • Solid state difusion;
  • CVD processes;
  • thermal treatment in oxidizing, reducing, inert and forming gas atmosphere;


Application scientist: eng. Adrian Albu, [email protected]
Tamara Dobre, [email protected]



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Last update: February 28, 2011