MINAFAB Processing equipments

Anneal Sys-France 


Stress free silicon rich nitride deposition; silicon oxide; Annealing;

The LC100 is a four-inch tubular furnace. It can process up to 50 wafers per process.
The process chamber is made of a quartz tube with stainless steel flanges. The quartz boats are held by two quartz rods attached to the loading door. The high quality, low thermal mass, heater elements provide fast thermal response and low contamination. A high quality digital temperature controller controls the temperature of each heating zone.

The controller has auto-tuning capability and continuous parameter adaptation in case of process changes. This temperature control system provides




It is possible to obtain using LPCVD  thin layers of silicon monoxide , silicon dioxide and silicon nitride  using relative high temperature.


Application scientist: eng. Liliana Staicu[email protected]



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Last update: February 27, 2011