MINAFAB Characterization equipments

Semiconductor Characterization System with Manual Probe Station

Technical characteristics:

Model-4200 SCS/C/Keithley, EP6/ Suss MicroTec

Fully programmable for on-wafer/structure sourcing and measuring of DC voltage and current simultaneously. 4200-SMU power: 2.2W (max.105mA, 210V). Per SMU preamplifier: 4200-PA with maximum measurement resolutions: 0.1fA, 5 mV.
Shielded manual probe station with 4 triaxial cable manipulators. Measurements on wafers and substrates up to 150 mm (6“). Positioning resolution: 3um.

Current upgrade status: 2x 4200-SMU and 2x4200-PA.


The equipment performs electrical measurements for a wide range of applications from materials research and nanostructures development to I-V characterization of nanoelectronic devices. Semiconductor Characterization System 4200-SCS configured with the 4200-PA Remote Preamplifiers, offers exceptional low current measurement capability with a resolution of 0.1 fA and 5 mV. The software of the system is a Keithley Interactive Test Environment (KITE) for device characterization application. It provides advanced test definition, parameter analysis and graphing. KITE contains several projects. Each project is dedicated for a specific set of measurements. Default project includes standard tests for MOSFETs, BIPOLAR transistors, resistors, and diodes. Other projects are: MEMORY projects, CMOS project, NANOTECHNOLOGY project that include tests for nanowires, nanotubes, molecular CNT transistors and biocomponents.



  • Characterization of nanodevice structures: electronic nanodevices (diodes, transistors, field efect transistors, capacitors), sensors, special devices with unique properties.
  • Research of nanoscale materials: characterization of resistance and conductivity over wide ranges for nanocrystals, nanotubes, nanowires, nanofibres, thin layers.
  • Resistance measurements and I-V curve generation on macro- and micro-scale components and materials performed using a two-point electrical measurement technique.
  • Low resistance measurements for: molecular wires, semiconducting nanowires, and carbon nanotubes.



The equipment has been aquired in the frame of the Project 11-048/2007-2010, Electronic Nanodevices Based on Oxidic Materials- NANOXI, research project coordinated by IMT, funding from national programme PNCDI2.  

The equipment is used to perform electrical characterization of MOSFET nano-demonstrators which use ultrathin oxidic films doped with Rare Earth ions (MOx RE) or Transition Metal ions (MOx TM). The measurements capabilities of the tool will provide a better understanding of the fundamental phenomena of conduction and fotodetection in electronic nanodevices based on oxidic materials, as well as characterization of advanced electronic devices capable of using the quantum properties associated with the electron spin.

Application scientist:

phys. Rodica Plugaru, [email protected];
Dr. Ing. Radu Popa,
[email protected].



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Last update: March 06, 2012