MINAFAB Characterization equipments

Semiconductor Characterization System
4200-SCS, C-V 3532-50, DMM 2700-7700, 2002, 6211-2182, Keithley Instruments, USA

Technical characteristics:

  • Medium power source measure unit:  100mA to 100fA, 200V to 1μV, 2Watt
  • High power source measure unit: 1A to 100fA, 200V to 1μV, 20Watt
  • Remote PreAmp extends SMU to 0.1fA resolution
  • Measurement parameters (C-V): Z, Y, θ, Rp, Rs(ESR), G, X, B, Cp, Cs, Lp, Ls, D (tan δ), Q



Electrical characterization of microdevices


Application scientist:

Dr. Ing. Virgil Emil Ilian, [email protected].


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Last update: March 06, 2012