MINAFAB Characterization equipments

UV-VIS-NIR Spectrophotometer, SPECORD M42

Technical characteristics:

The spectrophotometer SPECORD   M42  with double spot and  (200  – 900) nm spectral range contains modules for transmitance  and reflectance  measurements and enables data acquisition by a PC in order to processing of the measured data with specific softwares. The equipment operates in any transparent ambient, including vacuum, gases and air.


The equipment can be used for:
· optical    characterization by  recording the transmission and absorbtion spectra for transparent samples and for solutions with  +/- 0.3 nm precision in wavelength;
· thin films   characterization by  recording the transmistance, absorbance  spectra  [T(λ) , A(λ) ] and the reflectance, R(λ) used for  optical coatings;
· surface reflectivity characterization of the texturized and porosified surfaces,
· material properties: the absorption coefficient and the bandgap for the semiconductor and dielectric films obtained by  processing  of T(λ) and R(λ). 



Testing the optical properties of samples for the ability to reflect or transmit light. 



  • European Centre of Excellence in Microwave, Millimetre Wave and Optical Devices, based on Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems for Advanced Communication Systems and Sensors -  MIMOMEMS (FP7-Capacities) 2008-2010;
  • Flexible Patterning of Complex Micro Optical Structures using Adaptive Embossing Technology  FLEXPAET (IP- FP7/NMP) 2008-201;

Application scientist: dr. phys. Munizer Purica, [email protected]



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Last update: March 06, 2012