MINAFAB Characterization equipments

Vector Network analyzer

Anritsu, 37397D


The VNA is the main equipment of MICROLAB. MICROLAB is a laboratory dedicated to on-wafer characterization of devices and circuits in the frequency range 0.5 GHz -65 GHz. This frequency range encompasses the entire area of the devices and circuits used in the most advanced communications systems such as WLAN, GPS, mobile phones, radar. The MICROLAB consists of a vectorial network analyzer (VNA) and a probe station. The MICROLAB measures directly on- wafer all S parameters of any device and circuit up to 65 GHz and in the near future up to 110 GHz. The laboratory is managed by a quality system in agreement with ISO 17025 and will be accredited at the end of  2009.



  • S parameters of microwave circuits up to 110 GHz

Application scientist:

Alina Cismaru, [email protected];
Dr. Mircea Dragoman,
[email protected];

S22 parameter for the 94 GHz antenna suspended on a micromachined SiO2/Si3N4/SiO2 membrane (left) Photo image of the antenna (right)




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Last update: March, 2012