MINAFAB Characterization equipments

Ultra high resolution triple axis multiple reflection
SmartLab X-ray Thin film Difraction System

Technical characteristics:

SmartLab makes thin films analysis more flexibile. SmartLab approach is to aid users in choosing the specific measurement conditions, experimental geometries and application methods best suited to their particular sample.


The system is multimodular (quick alignement computer aided, small measurement time), modern techniques for producing X-ray sources, real time ultraspeed detectors and difraction data processing  (especialized software, databases, etc).

Multiple measurement techniqus:

  • X-ray Powder diffraction (XRPD);
  • High resolution X-ray diffraction (HRXRD) (including multiple refflection HR-MRXRD Ge(220) 2 and 4 bounce monochromator, Ge(220) 2 bounce analyzer, focussing/ flat diffracted beam monchromator);
  • X-ray reflectometry (XRR, including HRMR XRR);
  • Grazing incidence diffraction (GIXRD);
  • In-plane grazing incidence diffraction (IPGID);
  • Small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS);
  • Single crystal diffraction (SCD);

Some of the characterized structure parameters are:

  • multilayer structure- thickness (1~ 103 nm), density (H2O ~ Heavy metals), roughness ( 0.2 ~ several nm);
  • phase identification- interface, transition layer;
  • crystal structure- crystal quality, lattice parameter (several nm);
  • crystal orientation - single: orientation relation of the substrate and film;
  • poly: preffered orientation;
  • particle/pore size analysis- 1~ 102 nm;



  • crystal structure (HR RSM, HR RC);
  • film thickness, density, roughness;
  • characterization of the ultra thin film (in plane XRD);
  • particle/ pore size analysis (reflection SAXS, transmission SAXS);
  • phase identification, crystal structure (powder/thin film/poly/ mono/ crystall, trace, small area/quantity);



WAXRD and rocking curve measurement of GaN {00l} sample on Si(111)
X-ray spectra were obtained on a 9kW rotating anode ultra high resolution triple axis Rigaku SmartLab thin film diffraction system equipped with a Ge(220) 4 bounce monochromator and a copper rotating anode X-ray tube (l =1.54059Å).

Reflectivity and structure mesurements of ultrathin Au/Cr/Glass (tranparent)


WAXRD, normare (integrare cu timpi mari) pentru 10000imp/peak:

Grazing incidence (2,5deg) for the thinest sample (RX3)

Application scientist:

phys. Mihai Danila, [email protected];



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Last update: March 5, 2012