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Project description:

The project has two directions:

  1. The development of new complex technologies to fabricate new structures defined as “intelligent walls” in civil buildings. The new composite cement-wood structures will have inclusions of Silicon based nanomaterials covered with thin layers of nanomaterials acting as antibacterial self-cleaning agents. These structures will also incorporate solar concentrators built from solar cells having nanostructured surfaces;
  2. Implementation of an integrated network putting together competences in the traditional technologies of civil buildings and wood processing with those in the micro- and nano- technologies.

To attain these objectives it is necessary to develop the technologies fabricating antibacterial self-cleaning (antistatic, hydrophobic, anti-graffiti) solar energy concentrator nanomaterials using specific microsystem technological processes, as well as the technologies for cement-wood composites incorporating nanomaterials (mainly Silicon). New covering techniques and functional characterization and testing methods must be developed too.