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Project objectives


  • Development of a fabrication network of the composites cement – wood and the specific additives for the optimization of the thermo – and phono - isolation and the increasing of the mechanic resistance.  
  • The fabrication of nanostructure materials with antibacterial action behaviour on hydrophilic and hydrophobic surfaces. The development of the fuzziness nanostructure materials of ZnO and TiO2. The development of the deposition technologies on the nanostructured substrate.
  • The fabrication of nanostructure auto-cleaning materials. The development of the fuzziness nanostructure materials: Al2O3, SnO2, TiO2 ,CeO2, and other oxides with the specificities properties.
  • The fabrication of the solar cells arrays micro-textured.
  • Elaboration of the coating technologies.
  • Development of polymer photosensitive multilayer nanostructures using the non-conventional annealing with plasma and lasers.
  • Development of fix technique on the substrate.
  • Development of the physical and chemical techniques to characterise each type of material.
  • The    optimize the technological processes,  and test of  , the functionality of the proposed solutions.
  • The characterisation of the solar cells arrays
  • Testing the nano-materials and the composite cement – wood.
  • The identifying and attributing the intellectual property rights activities through the patenting of the original results