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SCIENTIFIC EVENTS (Conferences, Workshops, Seminaries, Project meetings, InfoDays)

Future Events

  • Workshop on Trends in Nanoscience: Theory, Experiment, Technology, 23 - 30 August 2009 Sibiu, Romania [...details]
    Deadline for abstracts: 1st of June 2009;
    Topics: # Transport properties in nanosystems He Nanophotonics; # Mechanical and optical properties of nanosystems; # Nanomagnetism; # Semiconductor nanotechnology; # Medical use of nanomaterials; # Radiation synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials;

  • CAS 2009 - International Semiconductor Conference, 12-14 oct 2009, Sinaia, Romania
    TOPICS: Simulation and fabrication of microstructures and microsystems; Science and technology of nanostructures and nanostructured materials; Semiconductor device physics and technology; Design and technology of microelectronic components;
    Highlights: Nanoscience and nanoengineering; Microoptics and microphotonics; Micromachined devices and circuits for microwave and millimeter wave applications; Micro and nanotechnologies for transducers, interfaces and microsystems; Micro and nanotechnologies for biomedical and environmental applications; Novel materials and intelligent materials; Power devices and microelectronics (including CAD).

Past Events

  • NITECH Romania ( is organizing a demonstration regarding operating and performances of the AFM NTEGRA series, produced by NTMDT Russia, on 19th of May 2009, at IMT-Bucharest headquarter.
    The demonstration will be made by Eng. Ivan Bykov, services and installing engineering at NTMDT.
    Among the participants researchers from Institute for Biology of the Romanian Academy, National Institute of Materials Physics, Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Romanian Academy

  • Seminar: New materials, micro- and nanotechnologies – Discover a reliable partner in Romania – Venue: Permanent Representation of Romania to the European Union Rue Montoyer 12, Brussels 1000, Brussels, 8th of May 2009

  • "Nanostructural carbonaceous films for cold emitters", Seminar organized by MNT-ERA project, 5 May 2009, 10.00, IMT-Bucharest.
  • "Beckman Coulter Particle Characterization" - Seminar (presentation of Multisizer, LS, DelsaNano instruments)
    Speaker: Ton Schoofs - Product Specialist, Particle Characterisation & Cellular Analysis. Organizers: SC. DEXTER COM SRL and NIRD in Microtechnology, IMT-Bucharest, 16 April.2009, 10.00-12.00, IMT-Bucharest
  • "From Research to Innovation: competitiveness trough new technolohies", Bucharest, 9-10 April 2009
    - First day,
    9 April 2009, " IMT-MINAFAB Launching (micro- and nanofabrication facility)", IMT-Bucharest
    - Second day, 10 April 2009," Innovative SMEs access to technology facilities and financing sources", CCIR/CCIB Bucharest
    Organizers: Ministry of Education, Research and Innovation, National Authority for Scientific Research (ANCS), NIRD in Microtechnology (IMT-Bucharest) and MINATECH-RO, in cooperation with (coorganizers): CCIR, CCIB, ADRBI, AMCSIT. Partner media: "Market Watch" magazine.
  • “Sensors and Biosensors for molecule detection”, Scientific Seminar, Dr. Antonio Radoi, 5 March 2009, IMT-Bucharest.
  • “Nanostructured Materials for ambiental comfort”, workshop, 28 February 2009, IMT-Bucharest
  • "Carbon nAnotube Technology for High-speed nExt-geneRation nano-InterconNEcts"- CATHERINE -  Project Meeting, 21-23 January 2009, IMT-Bucharest
  • "XRD techniques and applications in micro and nanotechnologies domain”, seminar organized  by IMT – Bucharest and   CASON ROMANIA. During the meeting were discussed Solutions and Applications offered by XRD techniques especially for Rigaku SmartLab difractometer working on thin films, 20 January 2009, IMT-Bucharest
  • "Info Day for the new FP7 REGPOT call" - On December the 2nd, the National Authority for Scientific Research has organized an Info Day for the new FP7 REGPOT calls: FP7-REGPOT-2009-1 and FP7-REGPOT-2009-2. The special guest of this event was Jean David Malo, head of Unit B4, DG research of EC. Dr A Muller was invited, together with other coordinators of previous wining REGPOT projects from Romania, to give a presentation about the MIMOMEMS Project, December 2008.

PUBLICATIONS (scientific papers, books, journal, scientific magazine, e-newsletter, flash news)

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PRESS (articles in magazines, presentation movies)

Parliament Magazine
  • An excellence centre within an institute of micro- and nanotechnologies in Bucharest, Romania, EU15Profiles in research [...]
  • IMT-MINAFAB as an experimental facility for micro and nanotechnologies in Bucharets, Parliament Magazine- Research Review [...]
  • A European centre of excellence in ICT research (radio-frequency and opto) in Bucharest, Romania, Parliament Magazine- Research Review [...]

Articles in Romanian

Articole recente publicate in Revista Market Watch:

  • "IMT-MINAFAB face primii pasi in Europa" Mai 2009, nr 115 [...]
  • "Nanotehnologiile, accesibile si pentru partenerii economici - Cel mai performant centru de Nanotehnologie din Europa de SE si-a deschis portile" - Aprilie 2009, nr 114 [...]
  • "Centrul de nanotehnologii din IMT-Bucuresti functioneaza sub egida Academiei Romane" - Martie 2009, nr 113 [...]
  • "Cercetari in domenii tehnologice de varf, cu o baza materiala de exceptie" - Februarie 2009, nr 112 [...]
  • "Spre o facilitate experimentala de nivel european in micro-si nanotehnologie" - Noiembrie 2008, nr 110 [...]
  • "Inovare in fabricatia celulelor solare" - Octombrie 2008, nr 109 [...]
  • "Renasterea unui domeniu high-tech in Romania?" - Septembrie 2008, nr 108 [...]

Articole recente pe site-ul Fabrica de bani:

  • De la proiect - la nanoprodus - intr-un pas, la IMT [...]
  • Acad. Dan Dascalu despre IMT-MINAFAB [...]
  • Acad. Dan Dascalu, invitat la Competitivitate LIVE! [...] video [...]

VISITS (visits of foreign officials, visit of Romanian officials)


  • Visit of the Romanian Academy President, Professor Ionel Haiduc, at "Center for Nanotechnologies" from IMT-Bucharest, 12 March 2009.
    Visit of Public Finance Minister Gheorghe Pogea at IMT – Bucharest
    Other officials participants: Alexandru Aldea, vice president of ANCS; Prof. Sorin Dimitriu, President of Chamber of Commerce and Industry Bucharest (CCIB); Bogdan Hossu, Cartel-Alfa President, 27 February 2009
  • Visit of Bogdan Hossu (President of National Trade Union Confederation "Cartel Alfa") at IMT-Bucuresti, 17 February 2009.
  • Visit of Prof. Sorin Dimitriu, President of Chamber of Commerce and Industry Bucharest (CCIB) (Vice president of Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry), 16 February 2009.


  • Visit of Loïk GENCE PhD student, Microelectronics Laboratory (DICE), Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL, Belgium), March 2009


  • Visit of Asturium GmbH reperesentative- Peter C. Nogy, Eastern Europe Sourcing manager, Supply Relationship Management& Sourcing. EADS Asturium GmbH (info about Asturium GmbH, 7 May 2009, IMT-Bucharest.
Scientific publications edited by IMT-Bucharest


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