Piezoelectric MEMS for efficient energy harvesting


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Contract No.:12/2015

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¤ About project

The project proposes to develop a new piezoelectric harvester based on micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) devices and piezoelectric material fabrication, thin film deposition and patterning, together with storage module and power circuitry. It focuses on small-scale power energy harvesting techniques (1-100µW) using MEMS/thin-film approach for autonomous operation of portable or embedded micro devices and systems.

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¤ Results

  • New technology for a piezoelectric MEMS Harvester to be used for powering biomedical devices or Sensor Networks
  • Simulation results of Piezoelectric harvester for several designs and optimisation for high energy harvesting
  •  Simulation and Design of MEMS harvester device to be used in several applications   and providing different power supply. 
  • The technology and the prototype of piezoelectric harvester  including storage and compensation electronics tested in real environment applications
  • Patents to be transferred to the end-users or users in order to take advantage of the above results for business purposes.
  • Increasing of international cooperation, working in a multidisciplinary field
  • Contribution to: green energy field development, reduction of CO2 emissions, improving the quality of life for elderly patients and general population, reduction of energy costs

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¤ Objectives

The general objectives of the project, in correlation with the Call 2013: development of new and improved material systems for efficient energy harvesting, and energy storage; international cooperation, multidisciplinarity, and socio-economic benefits.

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General information   Contact
Call identifier: M-ERA.NET, 2015-2018 (M-ERA.NET Transnational Call 2013)
Main topics:  Materials for Sustainable and Affordable Low Carbon Energy Technologies
Coordinator: National Institute for Research and Development in Microtechnologies-IMT Bucharest
Duration:  36 Months (2015- 2018)
Budget: 642.500 euro

Project coordinator: National Institute for R&D in Microtechnologies (IMT)
Contact person: PhD. Carmen MOLDOVAN
E-mail: carmen[dot]moldovan[at]imt[dot]ro
Tel:  +40-21-269.07.70; +40-21-269.07.74; (int. 31)
Fax: +40-21-269.07.72; +40-21-269.07.76;
Website: www.imt.ro

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