Enhancement of functionality for structuration and characterisation






  • Specific technological nanometric scale structuration processes with e-line Ultra High Resolution Electron Beam Lithography and Nanoengineering Workstation, examples:
    • electron beam deposition processes EBID;
      • applications: - NEMS, realization of electrical interconnects in situ, electrical connecting carbon nanotubes.
    • nanomanipulators are manipulating nanometric size objects in order to obtain other structures;
      • applications: - the applications that require carbon nanotubes welding, by EBID-welding technique, characterisation of quantic devices.
    • in electron beam lithography exposure of large structure with high resolution details.
      • applications: - ex: in nanophotonics - waveguides, gratings, diffractive optical elements, couplers, splitters.

Contact: Phys. Adrian Dinescu

  • Mechanical proprieties characterization of the  material small volumes (thin layers, coatings) or near surface zones.
    Proprieties measured: scratching resistance, modulus of elasticity,critical exfoliation forces (on films), antiageing resistance, stress-strain characteristic, etc.
      • applications: testing and developments of thin layers, testing and developments of “antizaura” layers, carbon films  „diamond-like” coverings, study of lubricants and lubricants effects, development and testing of polymeric materials, semiconductor materials testing, composite materials and biomaterials, nanoengineering.

    Contact: Phys. Raluca Gavrila

  • Access to services:    
    - free of charge in case of project cooperation with IMT-Bucharest/Laboratory;    
    - otherwise please contact the project manager for the cost of services offered by the laboratory;



last update: july 2009