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The main objective of this proposal is related to the creation of nano-electronic devices based on new materials with advanced functionalities, corresponding to the next generation of devices under research and development by the electronic industry. This objectiv may be fulfilled due to the complementarity in the research expertise of the partners in the proposal.
The tasks to perform in order to achieve the main objective are related to the stages outlined in the Working Plan of the proposal, as follows :

1-st Stage: Build-up of the models-routes-methodology for the deposition and characterization of ultrathin oxidic films.
2-nd Stage: Deposition of ultrathin oxidic films and characterization of their properties.
3-rd Stage: Modelling/simulation of the materials and device test structures.
4-th Stage: Achieving the first nano-demonstrators.

In the 1-st Stage, the specific task is to establish the general theoretical and experimental models of the materials, based on models in solid state physics and quantum physics. The task will be carried out by modelling/simulation using specialized software packages; the techniques used will lead to the development of new models of the material of interest in the proposal.

In the 2-nd Stage, the specific task is to obtain thin films with the physical and chemical properties as required by the application device; extensive measurements of the properties of the materials will be performed. The activities to be carried out for the fulfilment of this task are experimental in nature and involve the development of various technologies for the films deposition. High resolution techniques will be used in the characterization of the material properties.

In the 3-rd Stage, the specific task consists in the correlated study of material properties and deposition processes; physical models of the material properties will be developed based on the experimental results. The activities of this task are activities implying the analysis and processing of experimental data, as well as correcting actions for the improvement of the material properties.
In the 4-th Stage the specific task consists in the execution of the demonstrators. The resulting activities are complex technological activities and activities for the device characterization from the point of view of the technological execution and from the point of view of device functional performance.



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