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The accomplishment of the proposal will determine significant advances in the deposition techniques and study of the physical properties of ultrathin films of oxides doped with rare earths (MOxRE) or transition metals (MOxTM) for MOSFET nanodevices. The element of novelty resides in the creation of new, atomic-scale designed materials for specific nano-device applications. Knowledge with fundamental character will be derived from the results on film compositions, structures, magnetic phases, texture, structural defect distributions in the bulk and at interfaces. We shall develop techniques for ultrathin films deposition. As a new approach for the partners in this proposal, structural models of the films will be used in the optimization/tuning of material functional properties. The study of carefully built models of the materials will reveal fundamental aspects of material physics and chemistry, as well as it will direct the synthesis conditions. The models will reflect various experimentally controllable parameters, such as the film structure and thickness, doping type and concentration, etc.

It is worth to emphasize that the experimental and theoretical research work to be performed under this proposal will be carried out on ultrathin films with structural and chemical disorder, actually on highly defective, low dimensional systems.

Another mark of novelty of the proposal consists in modeling/simulation of ultrathin film MOSFET devices whose functional parameters will be optimized for each newly used material. This approach will allow the investigation of different types of model structures, each with its specific functionality, either in classic operation or spin polarization based operation.

We shall also employ new technologies in the processes of substrate preparation, annealing of deposited films, metallizations for electric contacts, necessary steps for the making of the nanometric demonstrators.

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