Prospective research regarding rapid prototyping processes for applications in the field of micro- and nanosystems realization




The efforts are directed toward developing technologies for the realization of micro / nanostructures in such a way that:

1) be cost convenient (price, productivity yield);
2) assure a functionality that is as good as possible;
3) allow the use of a range of materials that is as large as possible.

Taking into account this and the motivation presented, the objectives of the project are:

a) - prospecting for rapid prototyping (RP) techniques for making structures and devices at the micro- and nanoscale
b) - prospecting for RP techniques that lead to the creation of fully 3D nanostructures, especially at the sub-100 nm domain. By fully 3D nanostructures we understand, for example, a structure formed by two vertical nanopillars (diameter of 100 nm, height 1 micron, spaced at 500 nm) that are joined at their top by a bridge (diameter 100 nm, length 700 nm).