Prospective research regarding rapid prototyping processes for applications in the field of micro- and nanosystems realization



Directions of Research

The research will approach two directions: a) the applications of existing RP techniques in the field of micro- and nanosystems; I consider the case of the infrastructure existing at the site of the National Institute of Microtechnology: 3D-SLS machine for polymers, 3D-PP machine, DPN.

a1) identification of the main obstacles for achieving better resolution;
a11) identification and assessment of the technical problems that avoid entering the full microscale region (for example problems related to smaller powder grains, smaller laser spot);
a12) simulations regarding the influence of facets / surface roughness on the mechanical behaviour of the structures, the main issue addressed here being the reproducibility of the mechanical behaviour of the same structure made in several copies.

a2) research on the applicability of 3D-SLS and 3D-PP for the realization of "collateral", support structures for MEMS, such as dedicated/customized thermal insulation structures, vibration isolation structures, shock absorbing structures. The use of these two RP techniques (3D-SLS and 3D-PP) for the realization of a better, customized "environment" for MEMS devices are considered. Structures for the thermal insulation, vibration isolation and shock absorbing are considered. The structures for thermal and vibration isolation are based on an idea and patent (RO 119605 / 2005) developed by the principal investigator, the aim within this project being the miniaturization of the structure and the evaluation of its usability for MEMS devices.

b) the development of novel RP techniques, especially for the nanoscale.
b1) further extension of the scanning probe techniques by assuring a better patterning control at the nanoscale, the sub-100 nm domain being of most interest;
b2) prospective research regarding the possibility of creating 3D structures at the nanoscale, again the sub-100 nm domain being of interest.