IMT support centre for MIcro- and NAnoFABrication





How IMT-MINAFAB is operating?

As an interface with academic and industrial users, IMT-MINAFAB provides services and access to clean room facilities for micro-and nanofabrication, including fabrication of masks and maskless micro- and nanoscale lithography.

Instead of supervising the day-by-day activity of the fabrication department, the IMT_MINAFAB centre plans to:

  1. propose and implement the future developments of the clean-room activities in IMT; this includes capital investments, recruitment  and training of personnel, providing assessment of quality  etc.;
  2. provide interaction and synergies with related activities in IMT (as exemplified above);
  3. disseminate information about the micro-and fabrication resources in IMT;
  4. provide the interface with customers: organizations and people interested to have access to equipments and processes, for research, education/training, innovation (i.e. facilitating direct and indirect access to services, providing training etc.).
  5. provide interaction with other similar entities (e.g. European cooperation for access to research infrastructures, networking etc.).