IMT support centre for MIcro- and NAnoFABrication





Details of the types of services provided by the centre

Internally, IMT-MINAFAB achieves the grouping - in a unique experimental centre - of the resources acquired and exploited by the institute's RD laboratories, and enables their optimal usage by all IMT researchers.

The "centre" is optimizing the use of the support infrastructure and the maintenance; it also deals with cost evaluation, standardization of processes, know-how management and other supporting activities.

Secondly, as an interface to the "external world" of partners and users, the MINAFAB centre ensures a fast and flexible interaction with partners and clients, fully exploiting the RD potential based on the existing knowledge, and the emerging opportunities.

The various kinds of interactions are explained in the following table. Combinations are also possible.

IMT - MINAFAB offer (table rows) versus various categories of users (table columns)

  Partnership in RTD activities, sharing the IP resulting from research Scientific and technological services, including design and consultancy Direct access, “hands-on” activities (after appropriate training)
Research groups outside IMT Usually financed by a contract of partnership. Direct access of researchers from partner organizations. Typically, specific activities performed by IMT as subcontractor (computer design, characterization, technological processing etc.), with no IP rights. Typically, as part of common research and technology development (RTD) activities.
Educational bodies for Ph.D. and postdoctoral studies, M.Sc. studies, “hands-on” training etc. Supported by an individual grants or following an agreement with universities, specifying the cost and intellectual property issues. Occasional. As part of a common research activity, or providing training on a commercial basis.
Companies (industry) Special NDA and IP (industrial property) use agreements. Providing services on a commercial basis. Companies may use their own IP rights.