IMT support centre for MIcro- and NAnoFABrication





Interested in cooperation with IMT in general?

You will find here information from the Scientific Report IMT-2008. IMT-Bucharest (National R&D Institute for Microtechnologies) contains four main departments, devoted respectively to:

(a) multidisciplinary research;
(b) scientific services (including computed-aided simulation/design and characterization);
(c) micro-and nanofabrication;
(d) convergent technologies.

The most interesting point is the profile of research laboratories and the projects under development, as available here.  Contact data are also provided.

Scientific and Technological Research Department - Dir. Dr. Raluca Muller [short CV]

  • L1 - Laboratory of Nanotechnology [...]
  • L3 - Laboratory of micro/nano photonics [...]
  • L4 - Laboratory of micromachined structures, microwave circuits and devices [...]

- Centre for scientific services -Dir. Dr. Radu Popa [short CV]

  • L5 - Simulation, Modelling and Computer Aided Design Laboratory [...]
  • L6 - Microphysical characterization laboratory [...]
  • L7 - Reliability Laboratory [...]

- Centre for research and technologies integration - Dir. Dr. Mircea Dragoman [short CV]

  • L2 - Laboratory for Microsystems in biomedical and environmental applications [...]
  • L8 - Laboratory for Ambiental technologies [...]
  • L9 - Laboratory for Molecular Nanotechnology [...]