Bilateral Cooperation (Inter-guvernamental)

  • Cooperation with Argentina (2013-2014)
    „Development of analytical methods based on supramolecular systems to detect and quantify nanomaterials",
    ("Dezvoltarea unor metode analitice bazate pe sisteme supramoleculare in vederea detectiei si cuantificarii de nanomateriale") DAMS
    Facultad de Ciencias Químicas, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina

    Project director: Dr. Mihaela Kusko (L1)

  • Cooperation with Bulgaria (Bilateral Inter-academic Cooperation Romania - Bulgaria) (2013-2015)
    "Nanostructured and amorphous semiconductor films for sensors application
    Bulgarian Academy, Institute of Solid State Physics
    Project director: Dr. Adrian Dinescu (L6)
  • Cooperation with Slovakia (2011-2013)
    "Time and stress degradation phenomena in lead-free solder joints" ("Fenomene de degradare in timp si cu nivelul de solicitare la lipituri efectuate cu materiale fara plumb, in cazul placilor de cablaje imprimate" (PCB)), DEGRAJOINT, , Technical University Kosice
    Project director: Dr. Marius Bazu (L7)
  • Cooperation with Japonia (2011-2012)
    "Experiment and Modeling of Physical Processes in Porous Silicon/Metal Systems" ("Procese experimentale si modelari computationale ale proceselor fizice in sisteme de tip siliciu poros/metale")
    Institute of Advanced Energy, Kyoto University
    Project director: Dr. Rodica Plugaru (L5)
  • Cooperation with Moldova (2010-2012)
    "Biochenmical sensors based on porous InP, polymers and nanoparticles, obtained by MEMS/MOEMS techniques for optical and electical measurements in real time" (Senzori bio-chimici bazaþi pe pelicule poroase de InP, polimeri si nanoparticule metalice, realizazi cu tehnici MEMS/MOEMS pentru masuratori electrice si optice în timp real").MEMS/MOEMS
    Institute of Applied Physics, Academy of Science of Moldova
    Project director: Dr. Raluca Muller (L5)
  • Cooperation with Korea (2010-2012)
    "Acoustic devices and energy harvesting devices based on piezoelectric materials" ("Dispozitive acustice si de recuperare a energiei bazate pe straturi subtiri de materiale piezoelectrice") KOROM
    KERI Changwon South Korea
    Project director: Dr. Alexandru Muller (L4)
  • Cooperation with South Africa (2008-2011)
    "Millimetre-Wave Radio System Front-end" ("Front End pentru un Sistem Radio in Unde Milimetrice"), FERAMI
    Univ Pretoria
    South Africa
    Project director: Dr. Alexandru Muller (L4)

  • Cooperation with France (2008-2010)
    "Development of plasmonic biosensor based on metals- silicon nanoassemblies" ("Dezvoltarea unui biosenzor plasmonic pe baza unuor nano-ansambluri metale-siliciu")
    , BIOSENS,
    Institute for Nanoscience – Paris, France
    Project director: Dr. Irina Kleps (L1)

  • Cooperation with Italia - XV Protocollo di Cooperazione Scientifica e Technologica (2006 – 2008)
    "Electromagnetic band gap, materials and devices for microwave and millimeter wave applications", EMBG
    M2T - Microwave Microsystem Technology, Roma, Italy
    Project director: Dr. Gheorghe Sajin (L4)

Contracts with ROSA (Romanian Space Agency) - started in 2012

Contracts with ROSA (Romanian Space Agency) - started in 2013

Cooperation, PNCD II National Programme (2007-2016)

  • Temperature sensor based on GHz operating AlN/Si SAW structures/ Senzor de temperatura bazat pe structuri de tip SAW pe AlN/Si cu frecventa de rezonanta in domeniul gigahertzilor SETSAL, 2014-2016, Project director: Dr. Alexandru Muller,
  • 1D and 2D ZnO based nanostructures and innovative technological processes for direct integration in gas sensing devices and UV radiation detection/ Nanostructuri 1D si 2D pe baza de ZnO si procese tehnologice innovative pentru integrarea lor directa in dispozitive de sesizare gaze si de detectie a radiatiei UV NANOZON, 2014-2016, Project director: Dr. Munizer Purica,
  • Platforma integrata pentru genotiparea multiplexata a HPV–MultiplexGEN, 2014-2016, Project director: Dr. Mihaela Kusko,
  • Micro-electro-fluidic system for biological cells separation and electroporation/ Sistem micro-electro-fluidic pentru separarea si electroporarea celulelor biologice, MEFSYS, 2014-2016, Project director: Dr. Oana Nedelcu,
  • Tehnologie de fabricatie arii de microbiosenzori si dezvoltarea unui aparat portabil pentru diagnosticul infarctului de miocard acut, AMIDETECT, 2014-2016, Project director: Nicolae Marin,
  • Laborator de analiza pe un cip pentru detectia activităţii celulelor tumorale CANCELLAB, 2014-2016, Project director: Dr. Catalin Marculescu,
  • Metode imbunatatite de obtinere a nanoparticulelor metalice pentru reducerea toxicitatii acestora – "less classic, more green" LESMORENANO, 2014-2016, Project director: Dr. Adina Boldeiu,
  • Spectrometru compact in infrarosu COSPIR, 2014-2016, Project director: Dr. Mihai Kusko,
  • Secured high volume free space optical communications based on computer generated holograms/ Comunicatii optice securizate de mare capacitate prin spatiul liber, bazate pe holograme generate pe computer, HOLOCOMM, 2011- 2014, Project director Cristian Kusko;
  • Array structures for prevention, individualized diagnosis and treatment in cancers with high risk of incidence and mortality/ Structuri de tip array pentru preventia, diagnosticul si tratamentul individualizat al unor forme de cancer cu incidenta si mortalitate majore, HRCarrys, 2012-2015, IMT- partner, IMT coordinator Dr. Adina Bragaru;
  • Advanced Tools and Methodologies for the Multiphysics Modelling and Simulation of RF MEMS Switches/ Instrumente si metodologii avansate pentru modelarea multifizica si simularea micro comutatoarelor de radiofrecventa, ToMeMs, 2012-2015, IMT- partner, IMT coordinator Dr. Alexandra Stefanescu;
  • Micro Immunosensors Platform for Metabolic SyndromeInvestigation / Platforma de microimunosenzori pentru investigarea Sindromului Metabolic, IMUNOPLAT, 2012-2015, Project Director: Dr. Carmen Moldovan,
  • Immunoassay Lab-on-a-chip for cellular apoptosis study / Lab-on-a-chip pentru testarea imunologica a apoptozei celulare, CELLIMMUNOCHIP, 2012-2015, Project Director: Dr. Marioara Avram,
  • Nanoelectronics for Electric Vehicle Intelligent Failsafe Drive Train/ Nanoelectronica pentru tractiune inteligenta de risc redus a vehiculelor electrice, MOTOR BRAIN, 2011-2013, Project Director: Dr. Gabriel Moagar-Poladian,
  • Advanced circuits for microwave, millimeter wave and photonics based on MEMS technologies/ Circuite avansate pentru microunde, unde milimetrice si fotonice utilizand tehnologii, MIMFOMEMS, 2007-2010, Project director: Dr. Alexandru Muller,
  • Electronic Nanodevices Based on Oxidic Materials / Dispozitive nanoelectronice bazate pe materiale oxidice, NANOXI, 2007-2010, Project director: Dr. Rodica Plugaru,
  • Miniaturised power source for portable electronics realised by 3D assembling of complex hybrid micro- and nanosystems/ Sursa de energie miniaturizata pentru Electronica portabila obtinuta prin asamblarea 3D a unor micro- si nanosisteme complexe hibride, MiNaSEP, 2007-2010, Project director: Dr. Mihaela Miu,
  • Integrated system for concurrent electrophysiological and chemical recording at neuronal level/ Platforma integrata pentru monitorizarea paralela a activitatii electrofiziologice si a mediului chimic al  celulelor neuronale- NEUROSENSE, 2007-2010, Project director: Dr. Carmen Moldovan,
  • Multi Alergen Biochip realised by MicroArray technology/ Biochip cu Multi-Alergeni realizat prin tehnologia MicroArray, MAMA, 2007-2010, Project director: Dr. Irina Kleps,
  • Soft-lithography techniques technologies development for micro and nano photonic components/ Dezvoltare tehnici de litografie soft pentru micro-nano fonica, LISOFT, 2007-2010, Project director: Dr. Paula Obreja,
  • Millimeter wave devices on metamaterials microprocessed by laser ablation/ Dispozitive de unde milimetrice pe materiale microprelucrate prin ablatie laser, METALASER, 2007-2010, Project director: Dr. Gheorghe Sajin,
  • Nanoelectronic devices for high frequencies based on carbon nanostructures for communications and environment monitoring/ Componente nanoelectronice in domeniul frecventelor inalte bazate pe nanostructuri de carbon pentru comunicatii si monitorizarea mediului, NANO-HF, 2007-2010, Project director: Dr. Mircea Dragoman,
  • Biosensors based on carbon nanotubes for the real-time detection of nucleic acids with oncogenic  potential /Biosenzori bazati pe nanotuburi de carbon pentru detectia in timp real a acizilor nucleici cu potential oncogen, BIOSENSE, 2007-2010, Project director: Dr. Mircea Dragoman,
  • SAW and FBAR type resonators dedicated to applications in communications for 2-6 GHz, based on micro&nanomachining of wide band semiconductors (GaN and AlN)/ Rezonatori de tip SAW si FBAR dedicati aplicatiilor in comunicatii pentru gama 2-6 GHz si in domeniul senzorilor, obtinuti prin tehnici de microprelucrare si nanoprocesare a semiconductorilor de banda larga GaN si AlN, GIGASABAR, 2007-2010, Project director: Dr. Alexandru Muller,
  • Microfluidic biochip for rheological characterisation of non-newtonian biological fluids with applications in medical diagnosis and treatment/ Biochip microfluidic pentru caracterizarea reologica a fluidelor biologice ne-newtoniene cu aplicatii in diagnoza si tratament medical, MELANOCIP, 2007-2010, Project director: Dr. Marioara Avram,
  • Areas of micro/nanosensors of threshold for the the detection in real time of aquatic medium contamination with chemical agents / Arii de micro/nanosenzori de prag pentru detectia in timp real a contaminarii mediului acvatic cu agenti chimici, AQUAPROTECT, 2007-2010, Project director: Dr. Ileana Cernica,
  • Wood- polymer composite with components of nastructured materials and nanosensors for improvement of indoor environment/ Compozite lemn-polimer cu componente de materiale nanostructurate si nanosenzori pentru imbunatatirea microclimatului de locuit, NANOPROTECT, 2007-2010, Project director: Dr. Ileana Cernica,
  • Non  pollutant  technologies used to obtain photovoltaic cells using oxidic nanostructured materials / Tehnologii cu grad scazut de poluare pentru obtinerea celulelor fotovoltaice utilizand materiale oxidice nanostructurate, NANOMATCELL, 2007-2010, Project director: Dr. Elena Manea,
  • Miniaturized immunosensor arrays technology, for herbicide detection/ Tehnologie pentru realizare arii de imunosenzori miniaturizati pentru detectia ierbicidelor, IMUNOSENZ, 2007-2010, Project director: Dr. Carmen Moldovan
  • Silicon based multifunctional nanoparticles for cancer therapy/ Nanoparticule multifunctionale pe baza de siliciu pentru tratamentul cancerului, NANOSIC, 2007-2010, Project director: Dr. Irina Kleps,
  • Micro- electro- mechanical system with applications in reconstructive microsurgery of peripheral nerves– RECONECT/ Sistem micro - electro - mecanic cu aplicatii in reconstructia microchirurgicala a nervilor periferici, RECONECT, 2007-2010, Project director: Dr. Marioara Avram,
  • Piezoelectric microsensors system, 3d integrated, for multiparameter measurement, analysis and control/ Sistem de microsenzori piezoelectrici, de masurare, analiza si control multiparametru, integrat 3D, PIEZOSENZ, 2007-2010, Project director: Dr. Ileana Cernica
  • Development of processes and components based on oxidic and polymeric thin layers for transparent electronics and optoelectronics / Procese si dispozitive pe  baza de straturi subtiri oxidice si polimerice pentru electronica si optoelectronica transparenta, ELOTRANSP, 2008-2010, Project director: Dr. Munizer Purica,
  • Micro-biosenzori pentru detectia de pesticide in probe de mediu si alimente, MICROSEN, 2007-2010, Project director: Dr. Lucian Galateanu,

Young Research Teams, PNCD II National Programme (2014)

  • New semiconductor compounds III-N-Bi for high efficiency intermediate band solar cells/ Noi compusi semiconductori III-N-Bi pentru celule solare de inalta eficienta N-BiCell; 2015-2017; Project director: Dr. Emil Mihai Pavelescu,;
  • Hybrid flexible interface for energy purposes/ Interfata hibrida flexibila pentru aplicatii in domeniul energiei, HYFLEP, 2015-2017, Project director: Dr. Dr. Antonio Marian Radoi,
  • Sistem de incapsulare pe placheta pentru structuri MEMS WALES, 2015-2017, Project director: Dr. Dan Vasilache
  • Applications of substrate integrated waveguide structures for measuring the permittivity of dielectric materials in microwave domain/ Utilizarea structurilor de tip ghid integrat in substrat pentru masurarea permitivitatii materialelor dielectrice in domeniul microundelor SIWcell, 2015-2017, Project director: Dr. Alexandra Stefanescu,;

Capacities projects, PNCD II National Programme (2011-2014)

  • Nanostructured materials and RF-MEMS RFIC/MMIC technologies for highly adaptive and reliable RF systems, ; NANOTEC; Modulul III, FP7; 2011-2014; Project director: Dr. Alexandru Muller,;
  • Smart integration of GaN&SiC high power electronics for industrial and RF applications SMARTPOWER; Modulul III, FP7; 2011-2014; Project director: Dr. Alexandru Muller,
  • Enabling MEMS-MMIC technology for cost-effective multifunctional RF-system integration MEMS4MMIC; Modulul III, FP7; 2009-2012; Project director: Dr. Dan Neculoiu,

Capacities projects, PNCD II National Programme (2007-2009)

  • System of microphysical and millimeter wave characterization of components and circuits for advanced communications/ Sistem de caracterizare microfizica si in unde milimetrice a componentelor si circuitelor pentru comunicatii avansate, SIMMCA, 2007-2010, Project director: Dr. Alexandru Muller
  • Integrated laboratory of advanced technologies for micro and nanosystems/ Laborator integrat de tehnologii avansate pentru micro si nanosisteme, MICRONANOLAB, 2007-2010, Project director: Dr. Gabriel Moagar
  • Laboratory for Modelling and Simulation of Microsystems/Laborator de modelare-simulare pentru microsisteme, LAMSYS, 2007-2010, Project director: Math. Oana Nedelcu,
  • High resolution X-ray Diffraction Lab- LADRIX /Laborator de difractometrie de raze X de Inalta rezolutie, LADRIX2007-2010, Project director: Phys. Mihai Danila
  • Development of topographical and compositional analysis capabilities of Microphysical Characterization Laboratory of  IMT Bucharest/ Dezvoltarea capacitatilor de analiza topografica si  compozitionala la scara nanometrica ale Laboratorului de Caracterizare Microfizica al IMT Bucuresti, NANOSCAN, 2007-2009, Project director: Phys. Adrian Dinescu,
  • Enhancement of functionality for structuration and characterisation laboratory NANOSCALELAB/ Extinderea functionalitatii Laboratorului NANOSCALE-LAB de structurare si caracterizare la scara nanometrica, NANOSERV, 2007-2009, Project director: Prof. Dan Dascalu,
  • Upgrading the infrastructure for the laboratory of dielectric and conductive thin films deposition for micro and nano-manufacturing/ modernizare laborator de depuneri straturi subtiri dielectrice si conductoare pentru micro si nanofabricatie DDC-LAB, 2007-2010, Project director: Dr. Carmen Moldovan
  • Dezvoltarea infrastructurii pentru cercetarea de fiabilitate in domeniul micro-nanosistemelor integrate, FIAB-MICROSIS, 2007-2010, Project director: Lucian Galateanu

Complex "Ideas" projects, PNII (2011-2014)

  • Carbon quantum dots: exploring a new concept for next generation optoelectronic devices / Carbon quantum dots: exploring a new concept for next generation optoelectronic devices, CQD-OPTO, PNII IDEAS Project, (2011 – 2015); Project director Dr. Monica Veca;

"Ideas" projects, PNII National Programme (2011-2014)

  • Nanoelectronic devices based on grapheme for high frequency applications/ Dispozitive nanoelectronice bazate pe grafene pentru aplicatii in domeniul frecventelor inalte, GRAFENE-RF, 2011-2015, PNII IDEAS Project, Project director: Dr. Mircea Dragoman,
  • Millimeter-wave Front-End for Imaging in Security and Medical Applications/ FRONT-END de imagistica cu unde milimetrice pentru aplicatii in securitate si medicale, MI-4-SEMA, 2011-2015, PNII IDEAS Project, Project director: Dr. Dan Neculoiu,
  • Novel technologies based on micromachining and nano-processing of GaN/Si, for advanced microwave and photonic devices/ Tehnologii noi bazate pe microprelucrare si nanoprocesoare GaN/Si pentru dispozitive de microunde si dispozitive fotonice avansate, MIFOGAN, 2011-2015, PNII IDEAS Project, Project director: Dr. Alexandru Muller.
  • Prospective Research Regarding Rapid Prototyping Processes for Applications in the Field of Micro- and Nanosystems Realization/ Cercetare prospectiva referitoare la metode de tip rapid prototyping aplicate pentru realizarea de micro si nanosisteme, PNII IDEAS Project, 2011- 2015, Project director: Dr. Gabriel Moagăr-Poladian,
  • Experimental investigation on the order parameter symmetry of the superconducting Sr1-xLaxCuO2 thin films using SQUIDs/ Studii experimentale prin intermediul SQUID-urilor asupra simetriei parametrului de ordine a compusilor supraconductori SL1-xLAxCuO2 sub forma de filmme subtiri, SLCO SQUID, PNII IDEAS Project, 2011-2015; Project director: Victor Leca,

"Ideas" projects, PNII National Programme (2009-2011)

  • Multifunctional molecular architectures for organic electronics and nanotechnology- theoretical and experimental studies/ Arhitecturi moleculare multifunctionale pentru electronica organica si nanotehnologii- studiu teoretic si experimental, 2009-2011, Project director: Dr. Dana Cristea,
  • Study of membrane - electro-catalyst nanocomposite assemblies on silicon for fuel cell application/ Studierea ansamblurilor nanocompozite membrane-electrocatalizatori pe siliciu pentru aplicatii in celule de combustie, 2007-2010, Project director: Dr. Mihaela Miu
  • Study of silicon-protein type biohybride nanostructured surfaces with applications in bio(nano)senzing/ Realizarea de interfete biohibride siliciu-proteine cu aplicatii in bionanodetectie, 2007-2010, Project director: Dr. Irina Kleps,
  • Development of the conceptual model of A Lab-On-A-Chip for continuous particles separation through Magnetophoresis And Dielectrophoresis/ Dezvoltarea unui model conceptual al laboratorului de analiza pe un chip pentru separarea continua a particulelor prin magnetoforeza si Dielectroforeza, 2008-2011, Project director: Dr. Marioara Avram,

Human resources projects, PNCD II National Programme

  • Efficient electrochemical catalysis and regeneration of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide at layer-by-layer self-assembled doped membranes, PN-II-RU-TE-2009-1, 2010-2013, Web page: Project director: Antonio Radoi .
  • Fabrication and characterization of micro and nano metallic structures with Dip-Pen Nanolithography, PN-II-RU-PD-2011, 2011-2013. Project director: Octavian Ligor.

CEEX Projects (programme closed)

  • Advanced characterisation of microwaves and milimeterwaves circuits and components laboratory /Laborator de caracterizare avansata a componentelor si circuitelor de microunde si unde milimetrice, MICROLAB, 2006-2008, Project director: Dr. Mircea Dragoman,
  • Development of a laboratory for optical and opto-electrical measurements according to european directives and standards/ Dezvoltarea unui laborator de masurari si testari optice, optoelectronice in acord cu cerintele directivelor si normelor europene, OPTOLAB, 2006-2008, Project director: Dr. Munizer Purica,
  • Laborator de analize morfologice la scara nanometrica/ Nanometric scale morphological characterization laborator/ Laborator de analize morfologice la scara nanometrica, NANOMORPH, 2006-2008, Project director: Dr. Raluca Gavrila,
  • Dezvoltarea laboratorului de evaluare a conformitatii produselor microtehnologiilor in acord cu cerintele Uniunii Europene, LIMIT, 2006-2008, Project director: Virgil Ilian,
  • Advanced Nanocomposites materials used in civil constructions with antibacterial, selfcleaning properties and solar energy concentrators integrated structures for ambiental improvement / Materiale avansate nanocompozite cu proprietati antibacteriene, de autocuratare si structuri integrate de concentratoare de energie solara utilizate in constructii civile pentru ameliorare ambientala, NANOAMBIENT, 2006-2008, Project director: Dr. Ileana Cernica,
  • Micro and nanotechnologies in forestry- first romanian attempt/ Micro si nanotehnologii in industria lemnului – o prima abordare romaneasca, MINAFOR, 2006-2008, Project director: Dr. Ileana Cernica,
  • Tehnologie pe baza de materiale nanostructurate pentru condensatori electrochimici cu strat dublu utilizabili la stocarea energiei electrice, TEHNANOCONEL, 2006-2008, Project director: Dr. Vasile Obreja,
  • Romanian Technological Network for integration in the European Platform for NANOELectronics (ENIAC)/ Retea Tehnologica destinata integrarii Romaniei in Platforma Europeana de NANOELelectronica (ENIAC), RTN-NANOEL, 2006-2008, Project director: Acad. Dan Dascalu
  • Unit for optical analog processing of image-type information, ProImage, 2006-2008, Project director: Dr. Gabriel Moagar-Poladian
  • New technologies for achieving microbiosensors for real time detecting and monitoring tuberculosis in groups with increased risk potential/ Noi tehnologii de obtinere a microbiosenzorilor pentru detectia in timp real si monitorizarea tuberculozei in grupuri cu potential de risc crescut, MICROBALERT, 2006-2008, Project director: Dr. Ileana Cernica,
  • Integrated RF-MEMS circuits based on silicon, gallium arsenide and wide band gap semiconductors for advanced communication systems/ Microsisteme integrate de tip RF MEMS realizate pe siliciu, galiu-arsen si semiconductori de banda larga pentru aplicatii in domeniul comunicatiilor avansate, ACOMEMS, 2005-2008, Project director: Dr. Alexandru Muller,
  • Development of micro and nano-optical devices for optical processing/ Dezvoltari  de tehnologii  mixte  pentru  micro/nano  structuri si sisteme  fotonice integrate cu aplicatii in comunicatii, DOMINO, 2005-2008, Project director: Dr. Dana Cristea,
  • Microwave structures and devices on microprocessed media with frequency selectivity/ Structuri si dispozitive de microunde pe medii microprocesate cu selectivitate in frecventa, ELMAG-SF, 2005-2008, Project director: Dr. Gheorghe Sajin,
  • European opportunity for the national research community active in the nanotechnology field : Promotion and knowledge transfer  conference and workshop/ Oportunitati europene pentru cercetarea nationala activa in domeniul  nanotehnologiilor: Conferinta si workshop pentru promovarea transferului tehnologic, EON-CW, 2005-2008, Project director: Acad. Dan Dascalu,
  • Development of mixed technologies for micro/nano structures  and photonic systems with application in communications/ Dezvoltari  de tehnologii  mixte  pentru  micro/nano  structuri  si sisteme  fotonice integrate cu aplicatii in comunicatii, FOTONTECH, 2005-2008, Project director: Dr. Dana Cristea,  
  • Integrated research to develop high efficiency amorphous and polycrystalline silicon solar cells based on quantum effects using nanotechnology and nonconventional processes/ Cercetari integrate pentru realizarea celulelor solare de mare eficienţă bazate pe efecte cuantice utilizând nanotehnologii şi procese tehnologice neconvenţionale, HES-CELL, 2005-2008, Project director: Dr. Elena Manea,
  • Development of new complex tools for protecting health: laboratory-on-a-chip system/ Protectia sanatatii prin dezvoltarea de noi instrumente complexe de tip “laborator pe un chip”, TOOPROLAB, 2005-2008, Project director: Dr. Irina Kleps,
  • PROmotion of Romanian competences for the European co-operation in micro-nano-BIOSYStems/ Promovarea competentelor romanesti pentru cooperarea europeana in micro-nano-biosisteme, PRO-BIOSYS, 2005-2008, Project director: Acad. Dan Dascalu,
  • Nonconventional Materials for Microtechnology - Research and Experimentation of Elastomer-Based Microstructures for Applications in the Field of Microsystems, NOELSYS, 2005-2008, Project director: Dr. Gabriel Moagar-Poladian,
  • Network for Scientific Servicies for Structuring and Characterization at Nanometric Scale, with Applications in the Development of Convergent Technologies/ Retea de servicii stiintifice de structurare si caracterizare la scara nanometrica, cu aplicatii in dezvoltarea de tehnologii convergente, NANOSCALE-CONV, 2005-2008, Project director: Dr. Raluca Muller,
  • On-line monitoring of drilling for sustainable management of oil resources using integrated microsystems/ Microsisteme integrate de monitorizare in timp real a parametrilor de foraj pentru optimizarea exploatarii resurselor petroliere, MICROSYSOIL, 2005-2008, Project director: Dr. Ileana Cernica,
  • Integrated Microfluidic Systems for Advanced in vitro Biochemical Analysis for Diagnostic and Treatment in Medical Applications/ Sistem microfluidic integrat pentru analiza in vitro a fluidelor biologice cu aplicatii  in diagnoza si tratament medical, MICRO-DIAG, 2005-2008, Project director: Dr. Marioara Avram, 
  • Integrated Research Network Devoted to Nanobiotechnology for Health (Romanian Nanomedicine Network)/ Retea de cercetare integrata pentru nanomedicina (Nanobiotehnologie pentru sanatate), RO-NANOMED, 2005-2008, Project director: Acad. Dan Dascalu,


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