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"FIT-4-NMP Networking and Brokerage Event“ - at CAS 2022 Conference, Oct. 13, 2022

The FIT-4-NMP project „Strategic and targeted support to incentivise talented newcomers to NMP projects under Horizon Europe” is a support action funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme to increase the participation of talented newcomers from underrepresented regions in the Horizon Europe programme in the fields of nanotechnologies, advanced materials and new manufacturing processes (NMP).

This event offers talented newcomers active in the NMP field an opportunity to present their expertise and interest in the NMP-related Horizon Europe topics/calls and to network with the CAS participants representing Top innovation organisations in the semiconductors field.

On-site participation is welcomed. Travel costs of the talented newcomers participated in the event can be covered by the FIT-4-NMP project.
For those who cannot attend physically, there is a possibility to submit an expression of interest form which will be published in a special brochure to be distributed at CAS events and published on the CAS web page. 

Expertise and Expressions of interest for participation to Horizon EU

  2. Carbon-based materials applied in environmental treatment of natural waters, UPB
  3. Materials for Advanced Wastewater Treatment, Transilvania University of Brasov
  4. Innovative solutions for Industry 5.0 technologies, SIS S.A- Society of Systems Engineering
  5. Magnetic Additive Manufacturing, ICPE-CA
  6. Nanoparticles and thin films of ZnO and ZnO doped with metal ions, ICPE-CA
  7. Multifunctional transparent conductive thin layers, ICPE-CA
  8. Multicomponent alloys with corrosion-erosion resistance, ICPE-CA
  9. High Entropy Alloys Functional Coatings (corrosion/wear resistant) - HEA-FC, ICPE-CA
  10. Development of disc-shaped metal oxide varistors (MOVs) containing ZnOand/or TiO2semiconductors and various MO dopants for low, medium or high voltage applications, ICPE-CA
  11. Composite and nanocomposite materials processed through high-energy gamma irradiation, ICPE-CA
  12. 3D Graphene and 3D Graphene Hybrids, ICPE-CA
  13. Microwave Absorber Composites Structures Based on Ferromagnetics -Graphene Derivatives, with Heat Dissipation Capabilities, ICPE-CA
  15. System of microtextured photovoltaic cells embedded into UAV wings with applications in societal security –Acronym: UAVPHOTO, Autonomous Flight Technologies SRL, IMT Bucharest
  16. Combined technologies for the development of new generation smart anti-counterfeit tags, IMT Bucharest
  17. Sensitive structures for microsensors with optical read-out, IMT Bucharest
  18. A non-invasive reusable saliva glucose amperometric sensor with capabilities towards wearable devices, IMT Bucharest
  19. Implantable electrodes for neural signals acquiring, IMT Bucharest
  20. MEMS-based energy harvesters, IMT Bucharest
  21. Smart Systems for Environmental and Biomedical Applications, IMT Bucharest
  22. Crop monitoring intelligent system for active disease prevention using IoT areas of microsensors and UAVs, IMT Bucharest
  23. Complex ecological product with fertilizing and rehabilitation of soil exhaustion properties based on nanomaterials, tailored for application, IMT Bucharest
  24. Sensors and Smart Systems for Pollutant and Hazardous Gases, IMT Bucharest, Romelgen SRL

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*Attendance to the above session is free of charge.