Dr. Stefan MARINCA


Key Figures: 50 Patents published (out of 50 applications) from which 32 US patents with ANALOG DEVICES
More than 50 analog IC circuits or blocks for ANALOG DEVICES, mainly voltage references and temperature sensors
More relevant ICs : ADR35xx family; ADR45xx family

Career Milestone
1967-1972, student Polytechnic University of Timisoara, Electrotechnic Faculty
1972-1977, engeeneer at Electrical Networks, State Company
1977-1990, assistent and lecturer at North University of Baia Mare, Romania
1995 PhD in Electric and Electronic measurements at Polytehnica University of Timisoara, Electronic Faculty
1990-2000 Head of the Electronic department at North University of Baia Mare, Romania
1991-2000 President of the Maramuresh brach of the Inventors Romanian Society
1994-1996 President of the EU PHARE program CDIMM, Centre for Development of Small and Medium Enterprises Maramures
Mobilites: visiting professor at National Technical University of Athens, Greece (1998); at Bethune University, France (1999); at Limerick University, Ireland (1999)
2000-2014 senior design engeneer, staff engeneer and senior staff engeneer at ANALOG DEVICES, Limerick, Ireland and Silicon Vally, USA
Publications at ISSC conferences
Awards: Two Gold medals at the EUREKA invention contest, Brussels, Belgium (1997); Inventor of the year, Analog Devices, Ireland (2006); First prize at the Analog Devices Innovative Ideas Competition, Worldwide Tech Conference, Boston, USA (2014)